I’m going to smash the politeness barrier and be straight with you even if it hurts you.

Its for your own good!
I’m sick of hearing you complain about your excuses!
Your whining!
Your reasons for having a pot belly!
Why are you still fat and doing nothing about it!

This was the hard conversation I had with myself 8 weeks ago. It wasn’t easy it hurt to finally admit that id got fat. But it was even harder to admit that I wasn’t doing the work to fix it. I had become just like the thousands of people who have needed my support and expertise over the past 13 years I’ve done this job.

So Here goes …the truth

It’s obvious that nobody really wants to be fat and I hear from people everyday who seem dedicated to losing weight but when it comes down actually comes to walking the walk they run and hide behind a wall of B.S. excuses. I know I did.

And I’ve heard them all…”I want to lose a stone before I try your workouts”, or “things are just TOO busy right now and I’ll wait until things settle down” and my favorite “I can’t afford it right now.”

I can honestly say I don’t mind if you train with me or the person up the town, Magherafelt is blessed with great trainers for such a small town just find somebody who works well with you and gives you the best results. And if that’s me thats’ perfect, if it’s the other trainer down the street then that’s great too.

Just get off the bed of excuses and actually take action to getting things done, it’s as simple as that. I know I had to!


I know I’m not the best trainer for everybody and there’s some people who I work with better than others but that doesn’t mean there isn’t somebody else out there who’s knowledgeable and can motivate you to work out and eat healthy. You have to truly want the change in your heart and just make a start, just do something and then progress is days away.

I had to tell myself for about the first two weeks I don’t care if you’re tired from working all day and if you didn’t get any sleep the night before because your kids were screaming their heads off. You can still eat healthy throughout the day and go walk your dog for 15 minutes. I also did two weight sessions a week as part of my routine.

Not having enough time to live a healthier life is the biggest cop out in the world. And you don’t have to be healthy 110% of the time, all you have to do is be good 90% of the time and you’ll still get great results. You can keep your sanity with that 10% and you can go out for a pint or glass of wine or two. I did that twice this past 8 weeks once with my best mate Paul and the other for my wife Joanne’s birthday with some friends I even ate pizza before I went out that night. Results for me were still 17lbs lost in the 8 weeks!!

It has nothing to do with “luck” and it’s the same reason why some people have lots of money and are successful while others are having a hard time just getting by. Overindulgence in my opinion is a big evil and it’s going to bring down a lot of people’s lives.

We’re spending WAY too much money on things we don’t need like plasma TVs ,all while eating bad crap like pizzas, burgers, crisps, and other junk to often.

So this is what I’ve discovered this past 8 weeks that can help you too!

The Reasons Why You’re Still Fat are…

1. You’re Stupid.

Maybe stupid isn’t the best word to describe it but it’s the first word that popped in to my head. I say people are stupid because they’ll come up with every single excuse in the book to take the easier way out. It’s either they have a bad shoulder, or they’re not a born runner, or they would rather walk and chat away with their friends than do something that actually worked.

So lift your chin up and stick your chest out and throw your excuses out the door, it’s time to do something about it that actually works.

2. You Hate Yourself.

Having low self esteem is not going to get you anywhere in life and it’s an empowering feeling being proud of who you are and what you do. I didn’t always have such good self-esteem and in fact I only just got it a few years ago. I remember growing up and that I would be one of the quieter guys in class really bad skin etc. Absolute real zero confidence. Luckily I loved playing sports and was able to make some friends doing so. But I was never the big guy at school and I was definitely a shy kid most of the time.
But I didn’t let that overcome me, I hit a breaking point and I didn’t want to be like that anymore. I went for a new job in my late teens and I didn’t think I would have a chance of getting it. Then i went on every course I could even though i had those thoughts of what if I’m not smart enough etc, I applied for every promotion going thinking I’m not qualified enough to get the job, some I got some I didn’t but I grew as a person even with failure. I read self-improvement books, found a mentor, got some new cool friends and did whatever it took to get out of that rut. Now I see how far I’ve come it motivates me. People in general only see the long road ahead instead of making a start and when times get tough looking over your shoulder and seeing how far you’ve come. They only judge what’s ahead and give up…. take my advice and see how far you’ve come instead.

3. You’re Scared.

Getting outside your comfort zone is going to be huge if you ever want to be successful. It doesn’t matter if you want a great body, a job promotion or the attraction of the opposite sex. Unless you want to be a spectator/complainer in life then I highly suggest doing things that scare you instead of moaning about what you could have been. For me, I was really scared of just meeting and talking to people until I started working in a leisure centre and just by being a friendly person from that job made me realise that things weren’t so bad. People worry about being judged by others but I’m telling you now you judge yourself more often than anyone ever will so that needs to stop. And that leads to never getting what you really want in life.

And a ton of people i meet are afraid to even go to a gym and work out with other people. I remember when I was so skinny that I almost fell down the drain while I was taking a shower. But I still got the nerve to go down to the gym with my friends and sign up for a membership and I would go work my ass off with little weights. I wasn’t born with the knowledge I have now so I get how scary it can feel.

So the point here is to get outside your comfort zone and DO SOMETHING with your life especially if you feel the fear, just do it anyway.

And here’s the #1 thing you can do about it…

COMMITMENT. It’s truly the secret to success and without commitment you’ll never get the long term results you’re looking for when it comes to anything in life. You’re going to have to make a true commitment to bettering yourself whether it be nutrition, getting a better body, having a better relationship with your partner or being a better parent to your kids.

It’s all about committing to success and if you’re willing to do the stuff that you don’t want to do that you know will get you ahead then you’re going to be better than 97% of the people on this planet.

For me this past 8 weeks I did something that scared me I posted my goals to my own clients in my private Bootcamp Facebook group.

I said I wanted to lose a stone in 8 weeks!

Was I scared of judgment? A little
Was I scared of failure? A little

But more importantly did it make me more committed to succeed? yes!

Chris Bradley

Transformation coach

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