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The Little Mermaid and Coco Pops to Now

The Little Mermaid and Coco Pops to Now Growing up the only thing better than eating cereal for breakfast was eating cereal for lunch. And maybe even before bed. Coco pops bring it on!! It was my absolute favourite thing to eat in the world, but today it’s the LAST...

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Drinking Coffee for weight loss?

Drinking Coffee for weight loss? Every time I wake up in the morning I’m excited because coffee is a favorite part of my morning routine. It’s a personal trainer thing! Just look next time your in a coffee shop in Magherafelt there’s probably three in the place all...

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7 Secrets For Breaking A Weight Loss Plateau

I’m going to give you my 7 secrets for breaking a weight loss plateau so you can get back to dropping fat fast. Even if I give my clients and Bfit Boot camp members a great fat burning workout and a Meal plan there are still some small parts of the fat loss system...

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