Client Focus: Anne Jane Conlon Lost 25 lbs.!

Client Focus: Anne Jane Conlon
Lost 25 lbs.!

Its an amazing, and inspirational turnaround by anyone’s standards!!
A Really special woman this girl and I’m proud she trains with me.
Not so long ago I asked Anne Jane to come meet a week before starting my boot camp as I opened the door. I noticed a really bad limp as she came towards me.

anne jane front

So I asked have you hurt your leg?

Her reply was no…read on below to see what happened next….

So it all started when I saw Chris’ advert for his BFit Boot camp training program on Facebook about 5mths ago, which interested me as I was wanting to change and improve my physical health. I sent an email and got a reply straight away. To say come meet me.

At the time of meeting Chris I had limited mobility and pain as a result of two emergency spinal surgeries in 2013 and 2014. Ever hear that saying “my whole life changed forever overnight”?
Well that’s what happened to me….

After my surgeries I was confined to a wheelchair for over 1yr. (I was self employed, had a job that I loved doing for almost 8 years, I was happiest when I was busy)

I had done the physio route.
I had the numerous procedures and injections to relieve the pain.

The consultants had exhausted all of their avenues to come up with something to fix my leg and prevent my spine from further operations. I was desperate!

I even had asked for my leg to be amputated I was in that much pain at times!
I needed to be able to walk again and for me having a working prosthetic limb was 100% better than what I had been left with!
I was unable to walk without help.

In a very short space of time I lost me as person, I barely existed, my loved ones didn’t recognize who I was anymore. I gained a lot of weight. Maybe 3 stone give or take a few lbs! Depression. Anxiety. Anger. Loss. My moods were extremely low and I stopped going out of the house. Before this I was physically fit, healthy and had no limitations in any aspect of my life. I needed and wanted to be me again, both physically and mentally.

So I decided to look for a professional to help me reach my goals…..
Chris was the right choice!

When I went to see Chris, I was prepared to sign up for his boot-camp there and then. I didn’t want to hesitate anymore for the fear that I would let fear take over! As much as I had decided to make changes for myself and I was hell bent on joining an exercise camp, I still had doubt in the back of my head.

What if I couldn’t do certain exercises due to my mobility problems?
What if I end up injuring my spine that I end up back in that wheelchair again?

I had the determination and mental fight but doubt creeped in now and again, maybe just to keep me in reality and to push me that little bit more….

YES I’m going to admit I’m a stubborn person but this time the stubbornness was for a positive goal.
I could say that I was a tad disappointed after that Saturday morning meeting when Chris when he said boot-camp wasn’t for me.
It wasn’t though. Why?

Well simply because Chris was honest and said it wouldn’t suit my needs…in his professional opinion I needed more of a one-2-one style of training, so he could make sure I was safe and that I was going to get the most out of the training and he isn’t a spinal consultant but he knew exactly what I needed after I explained my limitations. So after a wee chat at his studio I signed up to work with in his studio in magherafelt!

He made me feel confident and assured me that I could get where I wanted to be.

I think Chris believed in me. Thanks Chris!

So how did I feel after my first session?
My first thoughts after day 1 …I didn’t have any…I was shattered ha ha… lol only joking!
Honestly I was floating after the first session I was totally excited about it all…so many interesting exercises! I couldn’t wait until my 2nd session. I loved it all.

The day after the 1st session was an eye opener. I couldn’t walk down the stairs ha-ha… Cue the tins of Deep Heat! Then the hot bath and then it was time for bed again. Honestly it took me all day to do those tasks! It didn’t put me off though. No pain no gain as they say!

I was rearing to go, I was sticking to my guns! No more excuses and no more letting the fear and the doubt stop me!
A couple of weeks in, I loved the fact that the regime and exercises change regularly…it keeps you on your toes and I’m constantly learning about my body and how it reacts/copes with different movements!

Results to date?

I’m now so much more aware of food than I ever was. What’s good, what’s bad, what works for me. I always loved to cook and to be honest I would have said I knew what a balanced healthy diet was. But that was in a generalised way, Now I’ve learned what a balanced diet meant for me. I love experimenting while cooking, not sure the rest of the ones in the house love it though! I have lost weight 25lbs and I am ecstatic with that! However losing weight was not my priority. I knew it would come with the territory. For me, my number one goal was to simply strengthen my whole body and in particular my spine. I’m physically stronger than I have ever been my whole life and I would have said that I was pretty strong 10 years ago. Nothing wrong with a little reality check now and again!

I never envisioned my limp disappearing, that was probably the one thing I had accepted from result of the surgeries! I can walk now without having to worry about anyone else being beside me in case I go down in a pile.
Not much more I could want out of life that that. I wanted to walk like I used to….and now I can.
I 100% believe that this has come from Chris knowing exactly what I needed. Who the feck needs neurologists when Chris Bradley can give u a rubber band, a few weights and tell you to squat 3000 times a session …only joking!

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