CLIENT FOCUS: Gary Doyle who went from complete beginner to winner in just 12 short weeks!!

How I first heard of Amazing 12 and it even being in Magherafelt was by seeing the page on Facebook due to a friend liking it. When I had seen the programme advertised I thought to myself it was another one of those Hollywood BS programmes that pop up everywhere with before and after pictures of people who amazingly managed to change their muscle mass in just 12 weeks. Not a hope it was possible to receive the results that I had seen in the videos. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I had never done any sort of training before and the last time I had done any real kind of physical exercise was in secondary school six years ago and as for a diet I basically just ate whatever Monday to Thursday then replaced food with beer and halfins for the weekend. At the time I had signed up for the Amazing 12 my life was going no where I was spending all my time working and when not working I was spending my time in the pub. I even filled in the application for amazing 12 whilst sitting on the high stool .Looking back now the main thing that stood in the way for me to apply was mainly the thought of having to train in front of others thinking I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them or that I would be holding them back as Id never done any sort of training before.
When I started the programme I was in no shape what so ever now thanks to the programme in 12 short weeks ive never been in better shape my body fat is down from over 20% when I first started to below 10% .I had no definition on my stomach to now having a six pack, I also had alot of excess fat on my chest which now has disappeared and before I started the programme I had shoulders made of glass which dislocated all the time and just after the first 4 weeks there was huge changes in the strength of my shoulders and thankfully they haven’t dislocated since. Not to forget to mention one of the best results to take away from the programme is a lot more body confidence.

Now with after the 12 short weeks with Chris the amount that I have learned on how train in the gym and at home is exceptional and most of all what I thought was going to be the toughest thing for me which was the diet I couldn’t have been more wrong it was all explained in a way for anyone to understand and for me was the easiest part of the 12 weeks and is now part of my everyday life.
Overall I couldn’t recommend this programme to anyone enough it is truly one of the best things I have ever done and I never missed a session because they where so enjoyable, the result I received physically and mentally where beyond what I had expected, I couldn’t have done any of this without Chris and its well to say I will be back.

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