The “dad-bod” has become something of a trend these days. A simple Google search will show you hundreds of articles that are dedicated towards telling you how to accept the dad-bod; how women just love a dad-bod more than anything; that the dad-bod is the new six-pack. 

Are we really buying this? 

It doesn’t seem right, that we should accept that kind of mediocrity when it comes to our own bodies. The dad-bod is not particularly fit, or defined, or muscular. It is simply the by-product of having too little time and too many excuses. 

It is, in short, lazy. 

However, it is not necessary to accept the dad-bod. Many will tell you it is inevitable, that there is little to do once it is upon us, that there is no other recourse for men in their 30’s than to accept the slowly inching threat of the beer belly. 

This is not true, my friends. 

For there are ways to fight the oncoming gut. There are ways to reverse the crushing march of time – to live your best life, in the best shape, no matter your age. 

1) Heavy Weight Training 

One of the key features of the dad bod is the lack of any defining musculature. Eddie Hall may have a gut, but you wouldn’t say he has a dad bod. Not to his face, anyway. 

Heavy deadlifts, squats, and presses, will quickly add musculature to your frame. Performed carefully and with good form, they can even extend your life

While heavy training with exercises like the squat and deadlift will thicken your frame, pairing them with heavy pressing movements will build your shoulders and chest at the same time. This will give you that perfect “V” look you want, just with a lot more muscle than you had before. 

2) Boosting Your Metabolism

Part of the reason so many men devolve into the “dad-bod” in their 30’s is that your metabolism starts to slow down. However this is as much due to lifestyle as it is your body’s natural processes. 

Making sure you’re more active as you get older will help keep your metabolism working hard for you. Playing a sport, working out, and going on long walks with your partner are all great ways to keep your heart rate up and keep your body firing on all cylinders. 

Another part of keeping your metabolism going strong is making sure you’re recovering properly. Without the right kind of food and the right amount of sleep, your body won’t have enough energy to keep up with everything you want it to do. You’ll ingrain unhealthy processes into your metabolism as your body will start to store all the fat it can just trying to maintain energy levels for later. 

3) Eating Right

This is the hardest, and most important, part of fighting the dad bod. Your diet is going to have to change. 

Unfortunately the term “beer belly” is an accurate one – although hard liquor tends to have fewer calories. 

However for us it’s easy to think we can still eat and act like we’re in our 20’s. We can’t. As our bodies start to slow down, we need to be better to maintain a healthy physique. This can mean having a set meal plan and carefully tracking all the food that goes into your body. 

This isn’t the only way out of the dad-bod, but it is the best way to ensure you stay in fighting shape as long as possible. 

The dad-bod is difficult to deal with because it feels so final. This is it. You’ve become your father. You’ll never be the same stud you used to be. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

That trap is entirely mental. It’s something we tell ourselves so we don’t have to take responsibility for the consequences our actions are having on our own bodies. Yet this means it is a trap we can break out of. All it takes is the courage to act. 


Chris Bradley

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