Drinking Coffee for weight loss?

Every time I wake up in the morning I’m excited because coffee is a favorite part of my morning routine. It’s a personal trainer thing!

Just look next time your in a coffee shop in Magherafelt there’s probably three in the place all trying to look smart on our laptops☺

So back to my morning routine…

I’ll start with making my bed, meditating, and then proceeding directly to making my coffee. Well the bed bit is a lie lol I state that now incase my wife reads this… but the rest is true.

I’ll admit I’m turning into one of those annoying coffee snobs who has to have their morning coffee brewed JUST RIGHT. And a huge help for me is that ground coffee at the diamond opens up at 8am perfect when I get a break!

It’s just too bad so many people out there wrongly assume coffee is bad for them. I have clients nearly always ask me what about coffee?

It can get such a bad rap from some people and placed in the category along with sugary drinks and alcohol.

When in reality it’s actually one of the best things you can be drinking to drop your belly fat.

The big problem with coffee is when you put a pound of sugar in it and then top it off with a big slap of whip cream. Or living on lattes and cappuccinos everyday.

I’ve switched away from both of these unless it’s the weekend now and have seen a huge change in my waist line with far less bloating. So I usually will just drink my coffee black with a dash of milk.

Another thing I hear in the world of coffee is optioning for non-fat milk over whole milk.

Against rational thinking non-fat milk is actually worse for you.

It’ll actually cause you to get fatter compared to whole milk.

A huge report of 16 studies found those who ate full-fat dairy had a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

This is because there’s a natural fat burning ingredient in whole milk and cream called CLA.

Once you go non-fat that natural fat burning compound is gone leaving you with a water down sugary liquid.

Another fatty acid found in the fat of dairy called trans-palmitoleic acid is associated with healthier levels of insulin, inflammation and cholesterol.

Even Harvard University found the more coffee you drink the more likely you will lower your risk of type-2 diabetes.

Those who drank six 8-ounce cups of coffee daily had a 33% less risk of getting diabetes.

Researchers believe it’s not the caffeine responsible for this but the chlorogenic acid which naturally helps to slow the rate the intestines absorb glucose.

So the take away from this…

Truth 1= Coffee isn’t as bad as its made out and can help your weight loss
Truth 2=Coffee with a ton of Sugar is awful if your trying to lose fat avoid it

I’d also stay clear of putting sugar and artificial sweeteners like Splenda in your coffee.

They’ll end up making you fat.
Its that simple.

If you just have to sweeten up your coffee try putting in a little bit of stevia.
It’s not a perfect solution but it’s the best option to satisfy a sweet tooth if you have one.

Hope you start your day off right with a morning cup of Coffee from now on.

Your mood and your belly will thank you.

Chat soon Chris Bradley

Transformation Coach

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