How Cutting Calories Can Make You fatter

Lower you calories if you wan to lose weight!

That’s what you’ve be told isnt?

Unfortunately It’s just not as simple as that.

Trust me I wish it was!

It would make my job a hell of a lot easier. Do a nice wee maths equation, give you a number, and hey presto your not fat anymore!

Truth is there are other factors that are going to prevent you from losing weight if you (severely) cut your calories, and putting yourself through the ‘hunger pains’ before bed tis going to cause you to turn into the a really unhappy person until you binge eat everything in sight, feel like a failure and then the cycle begins again:(

Can I ask you a question have you ever heard of cortisol?


Well It’s a hormone that’s released when your body is put through stress, and it can cause some problems if you’re trying to lose fat.

Of course, having natural amounts of cortisol pumping throughout your body is needed but excess stress can cause this hormone to be released in fattening amounts.

And a study found that when you severely cut calories you’re also going to cause more cortisol to be released in your body.

Think about it your body isn’t going to be happy it’s being starved..

If you’ve cut your calories and you turn into a grumpy pants then this is a sign your body is going to release cortisol to combat the stress you’re putting your body through.

Cortisol is essentially going to tell your body that it’s ‘flight or flight’ time so you can get through all the stress.

Studies have also found a correlation with cortisol and increased abdominal fat meaning it’s going to cause your belly to bulge like you swallowed a basketball. I
Been there done it… but thank fully I learned about it and figured out how to help myself so I can help you!

So what do I tell my clients?


First off, this isn’t a free pass to eat everything you want in sight.

Second, it’s a lot more productive long-term to eat adequate amounts of healthy foods. So if you’re eating 1,500 calories per day make sure those calories come from good sources and not pizza, crisps and Coke.

It all comes down to consistently eating clean and not starving yourself in the process.

Everybody I’ve ever seen cut their calories too low ended up quitting in a matter of weeks. It’s just not a sustainable dieting practice.

You don’t need to starve yourself to get results. And the good news is you’ll be ridiculously more likely to actually sticking to it than abandoning ship.

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Chris Bradley

Transformation coach

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