I have a love/hate relationship with January…

I love the idea of a fresh start.
I hate the idea that people wait until January when everyday offers a fresh start.

I love that people come out in droves to join gyms and start eating better.
I hate that there are so many scam products, programs, pills, powders and potions out there…causing people to ultimately fail.

I love the energy in our transformation groups that comes with all the new challengers.
I hate that most people who join a gym quit after about 6 weeks…even when they get great results! (Fortunately, our stats are much better, but I still hate seeing people quit on themselves!)

So, you see, January is an interesting time in my world – a world I’ve been living in for 14 years now as a fitness professional..

I’ve seen so many good people waste their time, money and energy on programs that don’t provide a long-term, lifestyle-based solution.

I’ve seen so many good people suckered into the latest diet fad, infomercial gadget or supplement line.

I’ve seen so many good people start, see success and then quit.

On the flip side, I’ve seen so many good people make amazing, life-transforming changes that stick. I absolutely love that!

If there’s one thing I truly love about January it’s that each year I get to meet some really good people who are ready to make positive changes and dedicate themselves to the long game. Then, I get to see them year after year as they continue their journey with us.

In my world, that’s one of the really special things about January – I’ll meet new friends that will be with us for many years to come… 🙂

I want to wish you the best year ever. I hope it’s the catalyst to a better you living a better life…

By the way, if you didnt quite get January off to the start you wanted and would like any help making this year the one that gets you moving towards your goal…reply and let me know.

Im here at chrisbradley@chrisbradleypersonaltraining.co.uk
Here at 07595427321


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