My Top 3 Transformation Receipes

When it comes to achieving a successful A12 Body Transformation , you must have real dedication to both your training with us and your nutrition.

To get the best possible results from the sessions you spend in my gym with me it has to be supported with a good diet throughout the rest of the day.

At Chris Bradley Personal Training we are renowned for incredible body transformations and their results are proof of the knowledge we possess when it comes to training and diet.

It took just 12 weeks with A12 at Chris Bradley Personal Training for these clients to achieve this kind of result.

Martha 2

During those 12 weeks, each of these clients followed a specific food plan that helped them to make progress and drop body fat each week, whilst providing enough energy to perform well during each workout and get stronger.
The food plan they followed was based around macronutrients and was quite flexible when it came to making simple changes between good quality protein, carbohydrate and fat sources.

Believe it or not it involved no weighing of food at all!! Who can be bothered with that anyways☺

As the A12 Coach for Magherafelt, my job is based around providing world class workouts as well as supporting clients with their diets. I understand as someone who has been through the program that following the same meal plan for 12 weeks could potentially become tedious over time for most clients. So during my own transformation I developed some tasty recipes based around a transformation meal plan.

Chris Bradey A12

Being compliant and consistent on a transformation is the key to succeeding, but there’s no doubt about it that sticking to a diet is difficult, especially if your food is uninspiring.

I’ve shared my top 3 transformation meals below, to help you to stay on track with your diet and avoid falling off the wagon.

so here you go…


Prep: 5min cook : 10 mins

Serves : 1




Coconut/olive oil


Balsamic (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 180C

2. Place asparagus into oven proof dish, massage in some oil and drizzle over the balsamic vinegar if using.

3. Roast for ten mins or so until the asparagus is softened but not floppy

4. When your asparagus is in the oven poach your eggs to desired consistency. Season and serve.

Hints and tips : if you don’t have time to preheat your oven simply boil for 3-6 mins


thai-style-fish-cakes PIC

Prep : 10min cook : 8-10mins

Serves 2


• 2 salmon steaks

• 1 egg

• thumb sized piece of fresh ginger grated

• 1 (to taste) fresh red chilly chopped

• 2 stalks lemongrass finely chopped

• handful of green beans

• handful of coriander chopped

• handful of oats (omit to make no carb)

• splash of fish sauce

• 3 garlic cloves minced


1. Prep all the ingredients
2. Add salmon and the rest of the ingredients to a blender and lightly blend
3. Shape into patties by hand
4. Heat oil in pan and fry on both sides until cooked through for4-5 mins (each side)

Hints and tips : goes great wit a side salad, steamed veg or even sweet potato wedges.

If leaving out the oats to make this a carb friendly the mixture will be bit more unstable in the pan,

Gareth 6 cell 2


Prep: 10 mins cook: 12 mins



2 salmon fillets

2 tbsp coconut oil

bunch of spring onions

tbsp. tamari sauce

juice ½ lime

2 garlic cloves minced

½ chopped fresh chilli

tomatoes (optional)


1. Whisk together the chilli, garlic, lime juice, and spring onions
2. Pour over the salmon fillets and leave to marinate for at least 1 hour
3. Preheat your oven to 180’f and place a tbsp. of coconut oil on top.
4. Cover your salmon with the foil and bake in the oven for 12 – 15 mins until cooked through .

Hints and tips: make chopping spring onions super quick by using some kitchen scissors to snip into the marinade.

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