Are you ready for Rule #3 of my 5 Rules of LASTING Weight Loss?

So far we covered:
Rule #1: Get Clear
Rule #2: WORK!

Now, let’s talk about a SIMPLE – but not always EASY – rule…

Rule #3: Embrace Simplicity

If you want to achieve your weight loss goal and have LASTING success, then you need to simplify things.

If you make things too complicated, you won’t consistently execute, and you’ll get frustrated, burnt out and ultimately quit…

Have you ever done that before? 😉

Sure, you need to make educated decisions and follow a well-designed program, but you can’t let the burden of too much (too much information and/or too much on your to-do list) slow you down…

It’s the same thing in life and business – You have a choice…

You can either be overwhelmed and struggle to get your massive list of things done or you can do a few things extraordinarily well.

Sure, the human body is a very complex machine and scientists and far smarter people than me have been studying weight loss for longer than I’ve been alive, but at the end of the day it really just comes down to consistently doing a few simple things really well.

In fact, we teach our clients to focus on 3 things:

1. Participate in an Efficient & Effective TRAINING Program
2. Follow a Realistic & Simple to Implement Meal Plan
3. Surround Yourself with a Community of Like-Minded People

Of course, each of these has its complexities and it’s taken us years of practice and implementation to figure just what works best, but at the end of the day you can start by asking yourself:

  • Did I exercise and/or get in enough movement today?
  • Did I eat real, unprocessed, whole-foods focusing primarily on protein, veggies and water today?
  • Did I put myself in a positive environment that supports my goals AND makes me feel good about what I’m doing? At the same time, was I able to provide support or lift someone else up who has the same goal as me?

If you lose focus and become distracted by overwhelm, you can’t be the best version of you (what ultimately matters in our opinion here at the gym – our mission is to educate, motivate & inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU!).


Here’s another part of simplification…one that’s going to sound strange coming from me…

Clear out the information overload!

You can’t study a dozen different “experts” or jump from one program to the next.

Pick a 2-3 experts in the field that really resonate with you. Follow one program that actually makes sense and feels right in your gut…THEN STICK WITH IT!

At the same time, consider pausing your learning/following/reading/watching other non-weight loss goal oriented information. Simplify your life and focus on a few key things that are most important to you. By the way, your health & happiness should be at the TOP of the list…especially, if you want to be a great provider/supporter to your family & friends – you’re no good to them when you’re sick, tired, unhealthy…dead.

So, put all that other stuff on hold for a while…
  • Ignore them.
  • Put them in a folder or on the shelf.
  • TV shows…see if you really miss them.
  • Unsubscribe from email lists – hey, if I’m not providing you the information you need to achieve your goals then I encourage you to unsubscribe from email list – there’s a link at the bottom of every email I send out.
Identify what success looks like to you and come up with a plan to achieve it – COMMIT to that plan.

You can certainly refine it and update it…or better yet…simplify it. Then it’s time to focus on execution.

Simplicity will lead to Clarity, which will lead to the ability to take rapid, decisive Action…

Anything else will slow or even kill your progress!

Keep it simple and HAVE FAITH & TAKE ACTION!

Hope this helps

Chris Bradley

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