Guys you already know energy drinks are bad for you, but you don’t think about it.

You work too hard.

You barely have time for breakfast you’re up so early. Most days, you don’t have time for breakfast. You stop through the shop on the way to a job, grab a fry and some of that sweet, sweet liquid energy.

Sometimes, it even feels like you need it.

Tough night with the kids in and out of bed multiple times. Your wife wanted you to watch one more episode of the series your binging on. Then you don’t get to bed to after 11pm and before you know it the alarm goes of at 5am!

First thoughts go through your mind. I cant wait for a can of boost or a strong coffee at the filling station on the way to work!

But you don’t need it.

Energy drinks can go a lot further than just “bad for you.” They can take years off your life, and make the ones you have left miserable. They’re not worth the energy they do provide, and they energy you get from them isn’t that great to begin with.

However, there are other options. Better options.

But first, let’s look at some of the nastier effects of energy drinks.

Liver Damage

One of the issues most recently connected to overuse of energy drinks is acute liver damage. Specifically, a construction worker who developed hepatitis after drinking 5 energy drinks a day for 3 weeks.

Now, this specific case is extremely rare – having happened only one other time as far as anyone knows.

However it does indicate how these drinks are damaging your liver. Specifically, it is thought that high levels of niacin in the energy drinks can have a corrosive effect on your liver.

Heart Disease

However, in a sentence that’s never been said before, hepatitis isn’t the worst of it. The effects of energy drinks on your heart’s health is astounding. Not just caffeine, energy drinks.

Just one energy drink causes your blood vessels to contract for several hours. This raises your blood pressure, which means your heart has to work even harder to pump all that energy to your body. Not only can this lead to a heart attack or stroke, but prolonged use of energy drinks can even permanently screw up your heart’s rhythm, leading to cardiac arrhythmia.

On top of that, especially in America, energy drinks can have a lot of unregulated substances, such as herbal stimulants. These ingredients can end up combining in your stomach to create a compound called TMAO – which is linked to higher rates of heart attack or strokes.

What else provides energy?

The good news is energy drinks, and even caffeine, aren’t necessary to get you the energy boost you need. The right diet, exercise, and lifestyle can be instrumental to getting you more energy than you’ve ever had before.

Real energy. The kind that lasts all day and keeps you going for days on end. The kind you need to get the job done.

A high-protein, low-carb diet can be a great way to add energy into your life. The protein takes longer for your stomach to break down, meaning the food will be feeding your metabolism a lot longer. This is the best part of the change: if you need more energy, you can eat more.

Additionally, your body’s dependence on carbs can result in an energy crash. Your body craves carbs and sugar for that quick hit of calories when you’re tired, but this just results in your body needing more carbs.

You end up stuck in a cycle.

However, by focusing on a high-protein diet, you can break that cycle.

Combine it with a workout regimen geared towards boosting your metabolism, and you’ll be wondering why you needed the energy drinks in the first place.

However one thing is going to make the most difference to your daily energy levels: sleep. Everyone has different needs, but everyone needs a good night’s rest. By getting enough sleep, your metabolism does better, your body can recover from the night before, and you’ll wake up with even more energy.

Ditch the energy drinks, save your life.

Chris Bradley

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